Smart meeting & Smart education with ANYSYNC


ANYSYNC - Wireless FHD Video Transmission Solution

Application :

  • Meeting Room
  • Hotel
  • Education
  • Training Room


  • Actual mirroring technology showing all contents as it is
  • Wide coompatibility that is not limited to certain products
    • The Transimitters has screen transfer function and screen change functions when the Transmit button is pressed
    • Maximum 254 Transmitters can be connected with 1 Receiver.
  • Easy setup, no software installation required
  • FHD & Sound transmission in real time


  Transimitter Receiver
  AnysyncTx AnysyncRx
Size  82 x 72 x 20mm 110 x 30 x 10mm
Transmitting Function

Real-time wireless mirroring

Image : 1080P supported

Sound : Mono, Stereo supported

Image : 1080P Supported

Sound : Mono, Stereo supported

Automatic recognition of Transmitter

Compatible Device

HDMI Supported PC, tablet, camcorder, game console etc.Smartpad such as iPad & Smartphone

HDMI input supported devices (LCD TV, Monitor, electronic board, Projector, etc)
Interface HDMI HDMI
Communication Direct connection of Wi-Fi 802.11n 5GHz with Receiver Direct connection of Wi-Fi 802.11n 5GHz with Transmitter
Power Supply Built in rechargeable battery with maximum 3 hrs Uses external power supply (micro USB)
Communication distance   Recommended available distances 10m (It can be longer depending on user's environment